Dmitry Tartakovsky (dima75) wrote,
Dmitry Tartakovsky

Я начал фамильный проект Тартаковских на сайте FTDNA

Tartakovsky surname project

Project Background
It is believed that all the Tartakovsky came from a number of small towns Tartaki/Tartakov in the Western Ukraine/Eastern Poland (translated from the Polish language, "tartak" is a plant for sawing wood, there are many such plants in that region), but they originated from multiple ancestors. This means that matching the surname only, without DNA matching, is not sufficient to prove common ancestry.
The Y-DNA test could help you to discover from which branch of the Tartakovsky you originated and find your relatives.
The project is opened to all males with the surname Tartakovsky or a variant of this surname.

Project Goals
To establish genealogical lineages based upon DNA and documentation.
To encourage genealogical research regarding Tartakovsky surname.
To re-establish communications among the various branches of Tartakovsky.
Tags: Генеалогия, Генетическая генеалогия

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